Training Day – On

The 2020 Sporting Trials Training Day is now open for entries.

Please see events list for link to the regs for the training day and a couple of declarations that are the new norm for entering/signing on at events.  It would appear that each competing (driver and passenger) individual has to fill in a form and return it to me electronically – no printed forms please – ideally if you could add your name to the file name when you send it back it would help enormously in keeping the records straight.  Equally if you are intending to attend in an official role (marshal / trainer etc) then you need to fill in the officials form and return it to me.

NOTE – no forms will be accepted on the day.

Regarding payment, currently we do not have an easily accessible electronic payment system, so I would suggest crisp tenners placed in the plastic box which will be provided on the day

Can those drivers and bouncers who are available to act as trainers for the morning session (and guides for the pm session) please let me know their availability and we will sort out the relevant roles.

I have recently received a summarised version of the basic MSUK requirements, please find them below

For England this may be summarised thus in regard to passengers;

  1. This reply is valid for England.
  2. Cohabitant crews need not wear a facial covering.
  3. Non cohabitant crews must wear a facial covering.
  4. Hygiene measures apply to all.

We should have spray/hand gel etc available, hopefully provided by MSUK if they are continuing the current scheme.  I am not sure of the quantities they provide so if you are concerned then please bring additional supplies.

Finally, remember we all do this to have fun and are endeavouring to make the best out of a bad situation so it would be appreciated if you can give us a lot of leeway while we try to get a working solution.