Piccadilly Trial Report

Picadilly Trial – 8 February 2014
Competitors thought it was too wet to run the Trial. However, apart from the underpass close to Winstone being full of water causing people coming from the north to travel another half mile on the A417 to the next junction no problems were experienced and the site was always going to be suitable for a trial.
An excellent entry of 22 was received although two non started. Peter Fenson because Liz was double booked for the day so Peter kindly marshalled, and Craig Bazley.
Once at Harcombe Farm parking was crowded but everyone was very co-operative and only John Sleight was delayed getting away because of a young groom’s car.
CofC, Roger Anderson, with the help of Paul Price and Peter Fenson both with their cars, Mike Readings and Bill Cole laid out 6 sections on a lovely sunny Friday. Sections 1-3 were in the woods with 4, 5 and 6 on the open banks beyond.
Saturday again dawned bright but the doom mongers said it would be wet all day the forecast I heard said it would rain at 3.00 o’clock. 20 minutes out as it transpired. But by the time the squalls arrived everyone was back at the farm and presentations could be made under cover and energy levels greatly improved by the marvellous bacon rolls provided by Ann Cole. Many thanks Ann.
Andy Wilks and Mark Smith carried on where they left off last year and were in the lead at lunch time. Lunch was taken early as a nod to possible bad weather and only 2 rounds were held before hand. Mike Readings was the next up followed by Steve Courts with Jon Moore getting in some practise after a lay-off with Paul Price 5th and David Rance 6th.
Apart from an exchange of positions between Paul and Jon that’s how they finished. There were 2 retirements that of Stephen Wicken and David Brock double entered with Ed Wells. Jon Cole had a drive shaft part company with 2 sections to go and took two 12’s.
Thanks to all officials especially Peter Gibbons who had more telephone calls and emails to field and paperwork to send out than usual.
We hope to see everyone at the Bisley Trial.
Bill Cole