October 2013 News Update


There have been a few test runs at BTRDA events using 185/65 x 15 tyres, to see if there are acceptable alternatives to the present preferred tyres. The test criteria are to experience a little less grip, whilst having a wider choice of budget priced tyres that are widely available.

The 185/65 x 15 tyre was chosen as it is a very popular size for modern car production and has a similar diameter to the 165/80 x 15 we currently use.

Initial test results have revealed a number of unfavourable aspects including loading clearances in vans and trailers, unsafe performance on cross cambers with existing wheel rims and a slightly lower ground clearance. Further tests using these tyres have stopped and an alternative solution to the grip issue has been put forward.

The MSA trials committee have put forward a recommendation that a minimum tyre pressure of 5 psi should be introduced. This rule is intended to introduce less grip from the existing permitted/approved tyres.

Concerns regarding the supply and availability of preferred tyres are no longer an issue.


The MSA committee are planning to introduce a log book system for each car attending national events. The system would require each competitor to produce the log book with the car at Scrutineering any issues would be recorded and consequently visible for checking at the next event attended.

Your committee did not wish to burden each entrant with another record to carry, so the club will hold centrally a Scrutineering record card for each car entered. At each event the Scrutineer will have the cards to check and record issues.

The committee are very pleased to advise that Ross Bruce has agreed to be the Club’s Scrutineer and will progress the log card system.

Roll Bars

With view to improving safety Roll bars are being considered as a future inclusion into the Blue Book specification. So far no design or specification has been published for consideration.

Silencers – something we all need to check.

Quieter Sporting Trials?

Over the years we have lost some good trials venues due to excessively noisy cars and there is no real need for this to happen. This year following complaints to the land owner we have been advised that the Steep Marsh venue is no longer available for Sporting Trials.

In predominantly dry and sticky conditions cars are successfully trickling the stages at low engine revs and all is well with the world. As soon as it rains full power and high revs are used to blast and suddenly we have a potential noise problem.

Our cars have limited room for silencers and a need for good ground clearance, so it is vital that the silencer that is fitted is effective. It is possible to keep noise levels under control, silencing your engine by an additional 3 decibels over its operating range will halve the noise produced.

Some trials cars successfully operate in all conditions remarkably quietly, even some of the most powerful, and its time we all followed their example.

It is a fact of life that motor sports are not the most popular with a large proportion of the public particularly those seeking peace in the countryside we cannot afford to offer them free ammunition to use against us.

Trials Venues

With the loss of some venues in Kent the committee have been working hard to find new alternatives. As the second half of the season commences competitors will be able to experience “Kingsdell” at Froxfield for the Autumn Cup Trial.

Other venues are under consideration including a new location for The Walsingham Trial where we have the opportunity to compete alongside entrants in the BTRDA national championship.

One final item on venues is a question “How far are you able to travel to a club trial event?” How many of these counties would be within your reach for a good days trialling?

  • Hampshire
  • West Sussex
  • East Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Middlesex
  • Hertfordshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Worcestershire
  • Bedfordshire

Knowing what our members want is key to having great club trials. Please return an email to jim@d4davidson.co.uk with your preferences.

Incidentally to keep your costs down the Club membership fee has been substantially reduced and we are looking to share sites with the Austin Seven Trials centre to keep event costs to a minimum.

We Need Help

Thanks to Bill and Craig for all their organising over the years, however as they are getting older and releasing the reins we need more people to volunteer as helpers etc. Should you wish to volunteer to manage a trial there is the reward of a maximum 20 Championship points in recognition of your efforts. I think we should also recognise that the folks currently setting up our venues have a day job and are still finding the time to make our trials a success. If you can on occasion offer to help with the set-up please let us know your support will be most welcome.