2016 Championship positions – 21-11-2016

The top ten as of 21 November 2016 (including points from Tulleys Farm event) are:-

1st. Phil Haines—————94 pts.

2nd. Mark Howse————53 pts.

3rd.  John Cole—————-48 pts.

4th. Neil Cromery————-34 pts.

5th. Dave  Brock—————33 pts

5th. Ross Bruce.—————-33 pts.

6th. Phil Blagden—————31 pts.

6th. Stuart Beare—————31 pts.

7th. Paul Brock——————28 pts.

8th. Nelly Danel—————–24 pts.

9th. Dave Zank——————-21 pts.

10th. Ken Smth——————19 pts.